Get Support For Your Business As You Scale.

A one-stop place to get administrative and data support services for your business. Powered by trained and vetted African women.

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Need a personalised support for your business or project?

Let's take the stress off you while you focus on more important stuff.

Virtual Assistants

Contact us and Let's connect you with a virtual assistant to suit your business and administrative needs at an affordable rate

Data entry and processing professionals

Your data is your business lifeline. Let's connect you with the right support for your data processing needs.

Data annotators

Need just a data annotator or few annotators to help you in building your AI project? Contact us and we will connect you to data annotators.

Need a virtual assistant or data support professionals for your business?

We will connect you to skilled professionals that suit your needs at an affordable rate.

In need of data annotation and processing services for your AI projects?

You can utilise our large team of trained and skilled data annotators from Africa to deliver a quality training dataset at >97% precision rate.

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