Data Annotation and Processing for AI Applications

Computer vision processing, Natural language processing, and data processing solutions powered by trained and skilled female annotators.

Why Femote?

We deliver high volume and quality data set annotated by trained and skilled female annotators at an affordable rate.

Initial Samples

Get initial samples of data annotated according to your guideline. We will also work with you based on your set guidelines

Edge cases

We work with you to identify edge cases and recommend annotation practises

Quality checks

We have quality checks done at two levels and a skilled QA team who are focused on solving edge cases and ensuring quality output.

Data confidentiality

We delete your datasets upon completion of projects and our team is ready to sign an NDA to protect your business data confidentiality.

Affordable rates

We work with your project plans and are flexible to work with your budget.

Impact Sourcing

You don't just get your project done but through it, women in underserved communities are empowered economically

Our Solutions

We offer data annotation solutions for your machine learning models and AI initiatives

Image Annotation

Object Detection Object Segmentation Image Classification Image Categorization

Video Annotation

Objects Detection Object Tracking Video Classification Video Categorization Activity Tracking

Text Annotation

Text Classification and Categorization Sentiment Analysis Processing Instance Segmentation Document Classification

Audio Annotation

Audio Labeling Sound Annotation Speech Recognition

Document Processing

OCR Extraction Classification for NLP Data Entry

Real-time annotation

Real-time Processing Customized Labeling On Your premise Storage

Industries We Work With

We create high-quality data for any industry with a precision rate of 96% and above






Climate change



Got an AI initiative or project coming up?

Give us your data set and get high quality annotated dataset with a precision of 98% and above.

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